We are the Factory Authorized Retailers of MASTER TOW  RV/Car tow dollies. Our dollies are in  stock and ready for sale. We save you even more money with NO sales tax in N.H. and NO license plate is required on tow dollies in most states. Our Dollies are available for pick up in New Hampshire.

We offer you the highest quality, factory built Brand New Heavy Duty 80THDL:

  • It boasts over 80 inches between the inside of the fenders, making it the largest car trailer, car hauler-dolly made. Comes with a Certificate of Origin (Title).
  • This tilt-bed dolly is an excellent choice for towing any size vehicle up to and including some full size cars and trucks and is completely assembled, wired and ready to use.
  • Includes 10,000 pound adjustable buckle straps, all new acrylic dipped, double braced polyethylene molded fenders with the dual action lights, pivot table that moves on Teflon pads, easy-lube buddy bearings, and the instruction manual.

We stand proudly behind every dolly. We give a 1 year warranty on our 205/75/14 heavy duty 6 ply rated trailer tires and wheels. Our 3,500 pound axle, brakes and the entire rest of the  dolly carry a 1 year exclusive warranty that only the manufacturer can provide.

This dolly is available for pick-up only at our location. Our  unique product and low price make us worth the drive from anywhere! In the Northeast, we are located in Tax-Free Southern New, Hampshire 03841, within 30 to 90 minutes of MA, RI, ME, CT, VT and NY.

Buy with confidence as we enjoy our 32nd year in business and a 100% positive feedback rating on every completed online transaction! We will compare any advertised price on eBay, Craigslist and beyond on any new 2021 MASTER TOW  model (80THD, 80THD-EB, 80THD-SB). Just print this page and contact me anytime 24/7 with questions. My name is Ian and my direct line is 863-640-1888 Phone/Text. (If you get  my voice mail, please leave a message and I will return your call). Thank you for looking!






Our MASTER TOW Dollies save money and fuel.

Who buys a MASTER TOW Dolly?

RV’ers WHO:  want to tow a car with them.

                           do not want to rent a car at their destination.

                           want to leave the coach set up and drive a fuel efficient car.

CAR DEALERS WHO:  save time and gas by transporting a car to or from the auction.

                                    never have to "find" someone to help move or deliver a car.

                                    need an inexpensive way to cycle inventory.

RE-LOCATORS WHO:   refuse to pay $ 400.00 to rent a dolly when they move.

                                            get turned down at a tow dolly rental company.

TOW COMPANIES who:  can no longer afford gas guzzling wreckers.

FLEET/LEASE/RENTAL CAR COMPANIES who:  need to move inventory to     and from locations.

BUSINESS’S with:  large fleet’s can pick up their own disabled cars and trucks.

HOMEOWNERS who:  get peace of mind knowing they can tow their own    disabled car.

JUNK CAR TRANSPORTERS who:  make a living picking up charity cars.

REPO MEN who:  need an affordable, quiet, and fast means to get the job done.

WHOLESALERS who:  buy dollies from us for Re-sale to the public.

How Did You Ever Live Without One?

MASTER TOW, proudly manufactured in the USA, is indisputably the best tow dolly value on the market today. We have built and sold more than 145,000 tow trailers, making us the most recognized name in the business!

 Standard Features:

  • Our dollies have easy-lube hubs which ease the repacking of wheel bearings by eliminating the need for disassembly, and are backed by a 1-year warranty.
  • All of our dollies are equipped with new tires and wheels that are computer balanced to assure a smooth ride at all towing speeds.
  • Our ramps and carrying pan tilt rearward for loading and feature a raised tread grip pattern that gives extra traction making the Tilt-Bed Loading safer and easier.
  • Our fenders are molded of ¼" thick polyethylene which eliminates metal fatigue problems common with steel fenders, and they will not scratch or rust. They feature oval waterproof lights that are mounted with an exclusive light retainer system to insure their secure attachment.
  • The carrying pan steers for your car by swiveling smoothly on polyethylene pads which are maintenance free.
  • Both safety chains have a unique s-hook safety closure added to insure their secure attachment to the tow vehicle at all times.
  • A factory molded plug-together wiring harness is used to eliminate the need for wire splices which often corrode and lead to wiring shorts. It is also poly loomed where exposed and carefully routed outside the fender well to prevent wires from being damaged by debris thrown up from the tire.
  • We use an exclusive painting process which involves chemically cleansing and etching the bare metal before applying a durable powder coat finish. This extra effort keeps our dollies looking   better longer.
  • 10,000 pound rated ratchets and adjustable wheel straps securely fasten most 13" through 16"   tires and wheels. 
  • Every one of our Master Tow dollies is backed by a 1-year or 2-year written warranty

Tow Dollies


Model 80THD

Vehicle Tire Width


40" – 80"

Max Width at Front Doors



Overall Width



Overall Length



Height at Fender



Ground Clearance



Shipping Weight


585 lbs.

Tow Dolly Gross Vehicle
Weight Rating


4,900 lbs.

Actual Cargo Capacity


2,950 lbs.

Maximum Gross Weight of Vehicle to be Towed


4,900 lbs.

Tire Size (Trailer Service)


ST 205/75D 14" 6 Ply Rated

Coupler Size



Coupler Class


SAE 3 5,000lbs.                                


                         WANT ELECTRIC BRAKES? We Have Them! 

                                                 WANT SURGE BRAKES? We Have Them!

Our Master Tow dollies conform to all applicable standards prescribed under the US Federal AND Canadian Motor Vehicle safety standards. / ce vehicule est conforme a toutes les normes qui lui sont applicables en vertu du reglement sur la segurite des vehicules automobiles du Canada en vigueur a la date de sa fabrication.