Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We appreciate your interest and hope that you find what you need below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


  How can I contact you?
Phone or Text: 863-640-1888. e-mail: Our e-mail and voicemail is available 24/7.
  Where can I pick up my new Master Tow Dolly?
Hampstead, New Hampshire.
Lakeland, Florida.
  Does the car on my new Master Tow have to be registered?
Yes, in most states, but not in New Hampshire or Florida.
  What type of plug does my new Master Tow Use?
Our 80THD and 80THD-SB use a 4 way flat plug. Our 80THD-EB uses a standard RV style 7 way round plug.
  What size ball does my new Master Tow use?
2 inch.

  Are Master Tow dollies considered Trailers in the USA?
No, in the USA they are considered single axle, "two wheeled towing devices" used for the sole purpose of carrying the front two wheels of another motor vehicle, which is pulled by a motor home or truck.
  Are brakes required on my new Master Tow Dolly?
The safe answer is always YES! However, the United States has not adopted a brake law yet, like they have in Canada. It's all about the size of the vehicle that is pulling the dolly and how fast it can stop. Please feel free to contact us for details.
  Can the brakes be put on later?
Yes, but it is much more cost effective to have them factory installed.
  Will my new Master Tow be assembled?
YES! We do not believe in kits. All of our dollies are factory assembled, as they should be. Any Master Tow in kit form voids the factory warranty.
  Will my vehicle fit on a Master Tow Dolly?
YES, our low center of gravity and patented ramp system allows every vehicle with a dry weight of under 5,000 pounds and less than 79 inches wide, to fit. That means a 2 seat Smart Car all the way up to a Lincoln Aviator!
  U-HAUL says they won't rent to me. WHY?
Cars and trucks fit safely on our Master Tow's. According to U-HAUL, not all vehicles fit on theirs. Come see us, we will get you all set up!
  Why should I use a Master Tow Dolly instead of flat towing?

It eliminates the extremely expensive modifications to your car - no lube pumps, axles, tow bar base plates, or brake appliances, as required with flat tow systems. It will accommodate almost any vehicle(s) you may have. Each year, a larger percentage of vehicles are being made that cannot be flat towed. We are proud to be your low cost alternative.

Flat towing requires thousands of dollars in specialized equipment exclusive to your present car. When you switch cars, or go to sell yours, you never retain the expense of the system. You also have to bolt or weld a base plate to the front bumper of your vehicle, and then drive around all year with it. The Master Tow on the other hand, allows you to switch vehicles whenever you choose, or use multiple vehicles. If you decide to stop towing your car, the Master Tow becomes hot property on the open market. (Just try to find one used!).
  Why should I buy the Master Tow brand?
That's easy. With over 155,000 tow trailers built and sold, we are the leader in Quality, Value, and Ease of use.
  Is this Master Tow Dolly easy to use?
YES, average load/unload time is just 5-7 minutes.
  What about storage of the Master Tow?
It fits in your garage, under your motor home, in the back yard. The whole cream colored tongue comes off easily, and stores between the fenders, if you wish. This Master Tow is so well balanced, you can move it with 1 finger!
  What is this price guarantee you speak of?
With product and logistics in mind, we will beat any advertised price you find, on any comparable unit. Simply put, no one can sell you a new Master Tow Dolly for less, period!
  Do you sell used Master Tow Dollies?
No, we only sell NEW Master Tow Dollies.

  Should I consider a used dolly?
If it is in good shape, sure. If it is rusted, needs tires, brakes, or wheel bearings, wiring, lights, etc. then the answer is NO! By the time you spend $1400-$1900 on a 5 year old dolly, then make all the needed repairs, we can sell you a brand new one with a warranty for the same cost. Also, if you are about to travel a long distance, why take the chance on a used one?
  Can I use my Master Tow Dolly to tow an unregistered vehicle in FLORIDA, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts?
YES, you may! Automobile dealers love this option.

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