This is our factory built 2024 MASTER TOW  80THD     ( Heavy Duty, non brake). This tilt-bed, swivel table tow dolly is an excellent choice for towing any size vehicle from as small as a Toyota Prius, all the way up to and including most 1/2 ton pickups. It offers many more features than the standard size dolly. They include a heavy duty coupler rated at 5,000 pounds, a heavy duty flared collar where the tilt bed comes down, 35 more pounds of steel, a 3 inch wider deck, a fully boxed center support rail, and better re-sale value. Please call for special pricing on this unit. 




This is our quality, factory built 2024 MASTER TOW 80THD-EBLR (Heavy Duty with Electric Brakes, LED Lamps, Radial Tires). This tilt-bed, swivel table RV dolly is an excellent choice for towing any size vehicle from a BMW Mini Cooper up to and including most 1/2 ton pickups. It includes all of the features of our 80THD above, AND comes with a Factory Installed Electric Braking System. Please call for special pricing on this unit.




This is our flagship dolly, the highest quality, factory built 2024 MASTER TOW 80THD-SB (Heavy Duty with Hydraulic Surge Brakes). 3500 pound Dexter axle. DEMCO Class IV-7,000 lb. galvanized actuator with our EZ Latch coupler gives you a fully self contained braking system NOT requiring an electric brake controller. 


Our SB model provides a proportional towed car braking system. It automatically increases or decreases braking pressure in direct proportion to the coach. In other words, it brakes evenly at the same time, and the same intensity, as you brake the coach. Proportional braking is a distinct advantage over on-or-off systems, which brake at one preset level, no matter how hard the coach stops. Our dolly will also deliver full emergency braking if you should need it, by activating our break-away system, and won't cause excessive brake wear when you don't. Nobody brakes the same way every time and neither does our Master Tow

This tilt-bed, swivel table RV dolly is an excellent choice for towing any size vehicle from as small as a 2 seat Smart Car, all the way up to and including some 1/2 ton pickups. We provide a complete, extensive warranty on the
tires, wheels, axles, brakes, and surge system that only the manufacturer can offer. Please call for special pricing on this unit.





On our dollies shown above:   


They boast over 80 inches between the inside of the fenders, making them the largest, strongest, tow dollies made. 10,000 pound rated deluxe adjustable buckle Wheel Straps and Certificate of Origin (Title) are included. This tilt-bed RV dolly is an excellent choice for towing any size vehicle as small as an MG Midget, all the way up to and including a full size 1/2 ton Chevy Avalanche Pickup. They are completely factory assembled, wired and ready to use, we do not believe in kits that you have to put together. They come with 14" heavy duty trailer tires, all new acrylic dipped, double braced polyethylene moulded fenders, 3500 pound axles, easy-lube buddy bearings, and our pivot table steers your car for you. We provide very easy instructions on use to each customer, at time of pick up.


Why choose us?

Our proven easy load system makes it stress free. Pull the safety pin and the tilt bed lowers to the ground. Our extra wide ramps do not have to be moved, adjusted, or stored, and will work with any size vehicle. Just drive your car up, and the bed settles into place. Put your wheel straps on and your car is now fastened to our swivel plate, ready to follow you.


In addition to the lowest price, we offer unparalleled customer service and product knowledge, before, during and after the sale. We are by appointment only, so as to fully demonstrate the use of our dollies at pickup. We include an extensive bumper to bumper new trailer warranty only the manufacturer can provide.


Questions? e-mail us anytime.


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